Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A very "TANGLED" Halloween!

Halloween Eve we made a festive "Jack'O'Pizza", carved and painted pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds, and rode our Belle quad up and down the hallway while we laughed hysterically!

We chose the Tangled theme for costume this year since this past year has been pretty full of Rapunzel! My parents bought Essie the Disney store dress, shoes, and light up wand. I will say the quality of the Disney store dresses is amazingly better than those you can buy at walmart!

Essie looked so beautiful in her dress. She wouldn't wear the braided headband my dad and I made for her so I clipped some yellow ribbons into her ponytail.  My dad also made this super cute Pascal out of pipecleaners to ride on her shoulder. He also made the magic golden flower for her to carry!

Travis found some things at the Goodwill that worked for a Flynn Rider costume. I thought he looked pretty darn good!  I had planned on wearing a red cape/black wig and going as Mother Gothel or "Ever" as Essie calls her. But when I put it on she freaked out and yelled "no mommy! Take it off!". Knowing she was already going to be on edge I opted out of wearing it. 

At first she was quite afraid of trick or treating but once she realized she was getting candy AND compliments she was all about it!

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