Friday, June 17, 2011

Mickey Mouse Pool

Essie and I were getting bored being at home all day so we drove over to Batesville to spend a few days with my parents. I was imagining hanging by the pool for days. As soon as we got there I put us both in swimsuits and we headed to the pool. She FREAKED. TERRIFIED. Would not have any part of the pool. She screamed so loud I think I may have permanent hearing loss in one ear! So Pa came to her rescue and let her swing instead.

Haley was begging to go to the "Mickey Mouse" Pool. (Its called the Mickey Mouse pool since Mickey and Minnie are painted on the bottom).  So I told her we would go on Thursday. I was thinking Essie would like it since she loves Mickey and Minnie. She called it the "OH TOOOOOODLES" pool.  At first she would just put her feet in. Then she would let me hold her in the water. Then she sat on the ledge. And soon she was walking around the shallow end alone. And right before we left she threw a fit because I wouldn't let her jump off the highdive! hahahaha! Haley was a brave lil girl and jumped off the highdive several times! Being there brought back soooo many memories since I spent alot of time there as a kid...pretty much my entire 6th grade summer! In all that time I only jumped off the highdive once and swore I would neer do it again!

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