Sunday, May 8, 2011

22 Months...

Essie you will be TWO in TWO months! Here's what's new with you right now...

  • You looooooove the Disney Princesses, Toy Story, and Elmo.   You especially love Tangled and want to watch it every single day.
  • You are talking so much. You can hold conversations and are great to make choices or respond to questions. If you are looking for something you always say "_____ rrrrrrr you?"
  • You have started making up your own songs and you sing all day long. I usually don't understand your songs very well but love to hear your sweet voice sing them!
  • Your feet are growing like crazy. You've pretty much outgrown your size 6s and are moving quickly into 7s.
  • My favorite word you say right now is Elephant which sounds like "Elephooooooo". You can name most animals and sounds as well.
  • Getting you to sit for a picture is extrememly hate the camera and we have to bribe you to take a picture.
  • You love to jump on the bed and run circles around the house.
  • You are a wild woman and we love you soooo much! You are developing your little personality more everyday. Your daddy and I love to watch you as you are coming into your own little person!

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