Saturday, August 22, 2015


This summer has just flown by and before I knew it...Essie was a first grader! We had open house last week and she started this past Monday.  She has a fabulous teacher and several of her best friends are in her class this year.  At first she wasn't so sure about being off of mommy's hallway but she's done great so far! She says she really likes it and I am excited to see her grow this year.  Her classroom is directly across from my window so I can often peek in and see her working away. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Essie's SHOPKINS-tastic 6th Birthday!

When Essie announced she wanted a SHOPKINS themed birthday party...I was less than overjoyed.  I knew I would have to create everything and there were very few party ideas floating around the Internet for sure.  So after Pinterest scouring...I came up with a few things and we got her party going.  I first chose to host it at a local place called "Engineering for Kids" can select your activities...we chose two cooking activities to go with our theme. 
E picked her cake out from Pinterest...and of course her daddy made it a reality. I LOVED this was super cute and the best tasting cake I have ever made!
 I knew it would be hard to find Shopkins clothes but I found these cute iron-ons on Etsy and a matching bow/necklace set for the girls...I thought they looked super cute. 

 We kept it simple this year since Lottie was still a newbie and we were tired.  We had a main food table pretty much. 
 I bought a set of Shopkins clip art from Etsy and printed them for decorations.  I thought my cupcake picks turned out cute.  I made strawberry and chocolate butterfinger cupcakes this year.  And looks like someone took a big ole poo on the cupcakes...note to self...never use a round icing tip for chocolate icing. 
I used the clipart set to create our food tags.  We had all Shopkins themed snacks.  Here we have Chloe-flower and Rockin' Broc

 Strawberry Kiss, Pineapple Crush, and Melonie Pips
 Chee-Zee and Chris P Crackers
 and I lucked into a case of season three Shopkins at Target and talked the cashier into just giving me the held our napkin bundles.  I also printed several large clipart pieces for table décor. 

 Essie and her cute Kindergarten friends.  She is blessed with sweet friends. 
 My favorite part of the party was the "Blind Box" I made.  We spray painted a box purple and We cut out holes and glued tissue paper to cover the openings (pink for girls and blue for boys) and then hot glued a plastic cup around each circle.  Inside the cup was a Shopkins necklace (we made them from E's duplicates), a tub of fruit scented playdoh, and gummie snacks.  The kiddos got to punch out their party favors...they thought this was sooooo cooool. 
 A top view of our party table...the banner was a plain one from Target and we added gold stickers from Hobby Lobby. 
 The kiddos making ice-cream!

 shake, shake, shake that bag!

 Making dirt cake!
 The birthday girl was so blessed by many that day!
 Cutting her cake with her special Birthday Knife (my favorite tradition)
 She got WAY too many gifts. 

 The punch box was so much fun!
 We loved this hamburger piñata so we had to buy it as well!!!
 and it made a great helmet!
 What a fun birthday party she had!

3 months!!!

Lottie girl you are 3 months old now!

You are still a TINY thing and mommy worries a lot about how much you eat/ or don't eat.  I am hoping you hit a growth spurt sooooon!

Here's what you are up to these days!
  • You weigh around 11 pounds 12 oz
  • You wear size 0-3 months clothes and size 1 diapers
  • You eat 5 oz every 4 hours or so
  • You are a sleeping go to bed by 9 and still straight til 6!!!!
  • You have been going to daycare and love Mrs. Dolly and Mr. George..they say you are on a great napping schedule for them.
  • You love your get so excited when it's time for bath!
  • You love your sister more than anything.
  • You are starting to have a great personality and laugh often!
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