Wednesday, September 30, 2009

12 Weeks...

Essie Claire you are 12 WEEKS OLD today!!! Here's what's going on in your life right now:

  • You have learned to blow raspberries and you think it's the coolest thing ever and you do it constantly. Your shirts are always soaked in the aftermath of your raspberries!
  • You've also learned to scream and you also think it's cool and do it quite often.
  • You are quite the "tv-aholic" right LOVE to watch cartoons and football.
  • When I weighed you this morning you weighed in at a whopping 12 pounds 1 ounce!!! Girl you are growing!
  • You are still a happy baby but are beginning to show your other feelings as well. You will let us know when you are not happy (being in your carseat especially).

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today I had to go up to the school so I could be there for Parent Teacher conferences so my mom came up and kept Essie for me. I have to go back Thursday for the remainder of them but daddy will keep her then. So I got a little bit of cleaning done earlier today while mom was here. Then we met Travis at our fav lunch place (Chef's In) downtown. Afterwards we made a quick run to Target where Essie had a very scary run in with a dancing ghost that scared the life outta her! It was so sad! Anyway... we've recently realized that Essie is VERY's the proof! We were getting her ready for her bath tonight and as I was undressing her she started to giggle as I touched her underarm. So I grabbed the camera and got this....and yes she is completely nudie here. And needless to say...her giggling turned into tinkling and we had to wash the sheets!

Then it was time for a bath...she LOVES her bathtime...she even got to have bubbles tonight! Fun fun! After her bath it was time to put on her pj's...and she started blowing raspberries again....

And just to prove that my little happy girl does have a bit of an's her little fit she threw while daddy was trying to get her dressed!

Monday, September 28, 2009

DWTS littlest fan...

Here's a video of my little one watching Dancing with the Stars tonight...she's a BIG fan! Also, listen for those raspberries she's blowing. She just figured out how to do it and she does it ALL the time now! And just for kicks a video of her rolling...

my girl...

Sunday, September 27, 2009


So I got A LOT of stuff checked off my to-do list today...mainly because of this...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Go RedWolves!!!

We had a very busy day today!  This morning my sweet baby let us sleep in until 9:30!!! (we did feed her at 6 but she went right back to sleep!) So then we got up and I cooked breakfast while she and daddy lounged on the couch watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Then we decided to take advantage of the warm weather and head to the park.  We strolled around the lake for a bit...Essie loved the breeze!  She looked so cute in her sunhat!

Then we had to rush home to get dressed for the ASU RedWolves football game! Essie was very excited to go to her first game and looked quite darling!  We were playing Troy and it was PACKED!  We had to park a million miles away and walk for what seemed like days to get to the stadium.  We had neglected to pick up our tickets ahead of time and had to go to 'will call' which was on the other side of the stadium of course.  Then our seats were on the very bottom of the stadium so we had to walk all the way down there.  By the time we got to our seats we were plum worn out! And the nice "warm" weather had turned into blaring HOT in the sun.  The heat gave us both headaches and Essie began to get hungry so we headed back up to the top of the stadium to get drinks and cool off.  Then we decided to just go ahead and leave since we were all so miserable.

So we came home and cooled off and watched the rest of the game on TV.  It was a very exciting game but the RedWolves lost 30-27.  :(

After that Essie took a short nap, I cooked dinner (putting the recipe on the recipe blog) and worked on some hairbow holders for the upcoming craft fair!  While I was doing that Essie and daddy watched more football and baked some cookies together! (he took the pics of her and the remote...he thought it was just hilarious!)

Then it was bathtime for our little girl..she is completely worn out from our busy day!

Friday, September 25, 2009

First Football Game!

Essie had a MAJOR event today...she went to her first football game!  Our hometown team (Batesville Pioneers) were playing Nettleton Raiders here (the district that I teach for).  So we was a little awkward going to the game and cheering for the opposite team than what I teach for....but I have to cheer for my high school team right?    Essie did AMAZING! She didn't make a peep the whole time...we left right before the 4th quarter since it was getting so late.  She was so interested in the game and the people she didn't even want to eat the whole time.  She was way too busy watching the game (she loved the action and colors) and charming the pants off all the fans.  Needless to say she was a MAJOR hit with everyone in her Pioneer gear!  She would even get all big eyed and excited when we made a touchdown!  Batesville ended up winning 36-0!!! My little point and shoot camera's battery was dead so we just took some pics before we left.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oreo Balls

Over at Kelly's Korner this week is a dessert recipe share!
One of my favs...seriously good and easy!

All you need are 3 ingredients.
1 package of oreos
1 package of cream cheese (softened)
1 package of almond bark or other melting chocolate

First you dump all the oreos into a food processor and grind em up until super'll look like dirt when you're done.
Then toss in that hunk of cream cheese and dig in with your hands...I've found no other way that works on this. You really have to work for awhile to get it all incorporated.
Then roll out the mixture into inch sized balls and lay on wax paper covered cookie sheet. Pop em in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.
While your "balls" are freezing melt the chocolate the way you choose (I did microwave). Drop the balls into the chocolate, coat well, shake off excess, and put back onto wax paper covered cookie sheet. Once complete, pop 'em back into the freezer for a while to harden.
Then ENJOY!!!

My Little Pumpkin...

Here are a few pics of my cute little pumpkin... no she's not nudie...just wearing a diaper! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Smiley Face

I came across this outfit today (I had bought it at a consignment store pre-Essie) and I HAD to put it on her.  I cannot get over how cute it is on her...look at those knee/elbow patches!  But if fits her like a glove and may take the jaws of life to get it off of her! 

11 Weeks...

Essie you are 11 weeks old today! And today was definitely a "hat day"!  (someone got a visit from the hair fairy last night!)
  • I weighed you this morning and you weigh a whopping 11 pounds 12.5 ounces!  Geeeez you are a growth spurt.
  • You are trying to sit up when we put you in your carseat and bouncy.  You don't like lying down anymore...this concerns mama.  You are just trying to grow  up too fast.
  • You had your first big fit yesterday...after the fair you did NOT want to sit in the carseat any longer on the ride home.  You screamed your little heart out...oh you were sooo mad.  We've never seen that side of you before!
  • You got to hang out in your exersaucer today for a little loved it but are still a little too small.  Your little feet don't even touch the ground!
  • You want to be held as we walk around so we've been using the carrier and you seem to love it...even though you cover it in spit!

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