Monday, June 30, 2008

It's the final countdown...

Our carpet was installed today! It looks so good but these pictures don't do it justice. We had carpet installed in the spare bedrooms, upstairs bonus room, and staircase. It's a friese carpet which means it's a twisted shaggy carpet. The color is called faded leather. It's amazing what a difference it's actually feels like a home now! All our lights have all been turned on so we went over and worked tonite. I sanded and painted all the areas that needed touched up. Travis worked with some other guys to form the driveway and patio. We had one of our air conditioners installed today. The one that was the upstairs smaller unit was installed. Our big unit was supposed to be installed but it was damaged. Now it won't be installed until Wed or Thurs.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

New letters

I made these letters for twin little boys. Their room is decorated in a "vintage buckaroo" theme. These were so much fun to make! I also love their original and cute!


Travis' dad came down this weekend to help us finish a few projects. They worked today to get the fence posts set.

Doggies visit again!

We took the doggies over to the house again this evening. It's much easier now since there is electricity and a few of our light are on (our electrician still isn't finished...I dislike him greatly). They know exactly where we are as soon as we turn into the neighborhood and they get really excited. As usual they ran and ran and ran around and looked out every single window. Then Travis drove the big tractor by the window and they went nuts! They barked like crazy! It cracks me up how much they wear themselves out over there. Their tongues hang out almost to the floor!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

We're "plumb" finished!

Our plumbing is almost complete! The only thing left to do is finish the shower and install the dishwasher. We now have running water indoors, our sinks and faucets are installed, and our toilets are installed and working as well. No more porta potties! The first pic is of the sink base that we bought a while back on clearance b/c the top was crushed. We had a local guy put a new granite top on. (after 10 weeks, 1 incorrect color, 100 unanswered phone calls, etc) we finally got it finished. I do have to admit it looks great. The color is's called tropical brown granite. I has these specs of capiz shells in it. Gorgeous! The last pic is of the beginnings of our tile shower. We had to hire it out because apparently laying marble is a lot harder than we expected. Our tile guy should be finished by the end of next week! We'll also have him lay tile around the master tub!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cool Cat

Mom sent me these pics of Haley tonite. They bought her these sunglasses and she though she was too cool!

Superhero Bunko

We had such a great time at Bunko tonite. The superhero costumes were very creative and fun! We had two "eco-girls", a captain save a sock, a super mom, a super prego, super wife, super knitter, and many many more! I didn't get a group pic but the other girls did so I'll post it later! And no, Amy is not naked in the third pic...she has a strapless top on! :)

Bunko Girl!

I'm off to super-hero bunko night with the girls! Our theme was "create your own superhero". The only catch was that you couldn't buy had to only use what you had. Since 99% of my stuff is in a storage building, I had to purchase the felt and fabric for my costume. I'm going as "Bunko Girl"! I'll post pics of the entire crew later!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More of the front

Here are a few more pics of the front of the was a little bit earlier this evening when I took these so they show up a little more. Here is also a pic of Trav on the tractor taken earlier this week! He loves driving that thing!


I've been singing that SchoolHouse Rock song all day since I saw that our electric line had been run today. We should have lights tomorrow! But our a/c guy is out of town until Monday so it'll be next week for it! Here is the mound of dirt where the electric line is buried!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Carrie Underwood tickets

Hello all! Travis and I have an extra set of Carrie Underwood/Little Big Town tickets for the concert here in Jonesboro on Oct. 27th. They are floor seats, section C, row 25, seats 1 & 2. The price for the set is $120.00 If you are interested...just let me know!

Ten things Tuesday...

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday
Today I am thankful for:
1. My husband. He has really stepped up and taken initiatives to get his house done. He's even getting up at 5:45 each morning to go into work early so he can work a 10 hour day and have one day off a week. Anyone who knows Travis realizes how big of a feat this is considering how much of a "not morning" person he is! He is also an incredibly skilled craftsman. He has made several key things in our house and he astounds me with this talent!

2.That we are in the final stretch of this house thing...we can see the finish line!

3. For summer break. It allows me to catch up on so many things. I only wish I had access to my scrapbook supplies so I can work on that as well!

4. For Tucker who snuggles me whenever I sit down. He is always in my lap! He has his head propped on the laptop right now as I type. :)

5. For my bunco group. I love meeting with those girls every month for an evening of fun! What a great bunch! This Friday is our monthly bunco night and the theme is "make your own superhero". This should be interesting!

6. For the orders I've recieved for my letters! I have so much fun making them!

7. For the fact that there is a guy over at the new house right now putting in the tile shower while I sit here and type in the a/c.

8. For my pomegranite Tyler candle. It smells so good!

9. That it's getting closer to the final book "Breaking Dawn" in the Twilight series to be released! Only 38 more days until more Edward and Bella! I can't wait!

10. That I'm trying to plan a vacation for me and my hubbie for when the house is completed so we can get away and relax for once!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Trying to replace elephant

Tucker's beloved elephant toy is hanging on by it's last ear. All he has left is an ear and a trunk. Tucker has loved that thing to death...he has gutted it and sucks on it's one remaining ear like a baby. We know it won't last much longer and we stress as to how to replace it. He won't go to bed without it! We've bought several toys hoping he will latch on with no success. While at Target tonite we saw this great dog toy. It's called "Road Kill" and is a long, silky otter. It's limp and gutted just like his elephant. It's the same color and has the same texture fur. It was also $20. I would have never spent so much on a dog toy if it wasn't for him and knowing he only loves one toy at a time. So we brought it home hoping he would latch on and forget about the nasty elephant. He played with it for a little bit and then Maggie chewed the nose off (little heffer). I hoped he would bring it to bed tonight rather than elephant but instead he chose his "rock" that he re-discovered under the bed last night. Who knows maybe he'll latch on soon enough. To be continued...

Flooring Issues

Our hardwood was going in all too easy. There had been no mishaps as of yesterday. Then today we realize that somehow we must have gotten two different batches of the flooring. The bamboo that we bought is a "carbonized" bamboo which means it has been cooked which makes it darker and more dense. Therefore, the color is variable. However, we didn't realize that it would be soo different. There is a definite line in the middle of our house where apparently our flooring guys started a new palatte that contained wood from a different batch. The kitchen, dining room, and breakfast nook all have a definite line where the darker wood starts. By the time we realized it, it was way too late and there is nothing we can do about it. All we can do is hope that when we put rugs down and add the furniture that it won't be so noticeable. We are quite disapointed but what can we do?

House update

Here is an updated pic of the front of the house. There is no longer a huge mound of dirt blocking the view or large pieces of equipment in the way! You can see where the driveway will go on the left. It's starting to look really good!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Maggie & Tucker's trip to the house

Since we are planning on moving in a few weeks, we are wanting to start taking the dogs over to the new house so that they can get used to it. Besides that, we wanted to visit Travis who was over there working on the mantel. They had such a great time, we wandered the yard and I just let them loose in the house. I was really curious to see how they would react to all the hardwood flooring. And to see how loud their toenails would be on the floors as well. Surprisingly they didn't seem to mind the floors at all and we couldn't hear their nails a bit! They wore themselves out running around! I know they hate living here at the aparment with no room to move and no backyard to run around in. I cannot wait to get them over to the new house for good! :)

Backyard before & after

Here are a few pics of the backyard before and after the dirtwork.

backyard pics

Here are a few pics of the new flat backyard that we have! It used to be large mounds of dirt only!

Two weeks to go...

Our expected finish date is two weeks from today! We can't wait!

vanity lights

Here are our vanity lights from the bathroom as well as a pic of the master bath vanity and lights. the first pic is of the master vanity, second the spare bathroom, and third the 1/2 bath.
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